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June 05 2015


The Best Website for Cat Lovers and cat litter boxes

http://www.heartministryga.org/finding-best-cat-litter-box/ is a really good website for every cat lover. If you are a cat owner, you will find many useful articles about pet keeping.

Useful help

The internet is full of cats. We see cat videos, cat memes, and movies about cats that can’t smile (hello, Grumpy Cat!). However, very few of them actually offer real help for people who keep cats.
As a cat lover, we always actively seek for the best ways to improve the happiness level of our cats. helps us by providing tips and tricks and explanations about cat behavior. I always go to the website each time I encounter a problem about my cat.

Litter boxes

Besides food and toys, cats also need proper litter boxes. Buying the right litter box is difficult if we don’t have prior experiences. The website has reviews for the most popular litter boxes in the market. You can see how passionate the writer is. He analyzes and compares the pros and cons of each litter box he reviews.
If you still don’t know what you really need after reading the reviews, go read some articles about how to choose the best litter boxes for your cats. The guide is very complete and true.

Why Recently Adopted Kittens Don’t Use Litter Boxes

Have you ever adopted a young kitten from the streets? If you have, you will understand how common it is to find the kitten spreads his urine and poo in random places around the house. The first few weeks can be though, not only for you, but also for the kittens. I observe that we always expect too much from these previously-stray kittens.

Frightened and confused

A young cat with no mother is a frightened cat. Bringing the cat into the house puts the cat to a totally new environment. This will scares the kitten even more.
Our common mistake is to take them into a large house without putting litter boxes in every corner. These frightened cats will soon find a perfect spot to hide. He will be afraid to come out and go too far. If he cant find any litter box nearby, the cat will do his business anywhere.
writes about many tricks to guide a stray cat to use litter box. The key is to make them feel comfortable.

Cat Litter Box Size

Choosing a litter box for our cats can’t be done carelessly. It is like building a bathroom for ourselves. If the cats don’t feel comfortable using the boxes, they will refuse to do their business in the box.

The bigger, the better

To cats, bigger boxes are more inviting. Cats need some space to bury their feces. These animals don’t like stepping in dirty litter. They are very hygienic. If the litter box is too small, they will face difficulties to find clean space. As a result, they will go elsewhere which offers more clean space (it may be under the bed or on the sofa).
For a kitten, I usually choose a large but low litter box. Very small kittens can’t climb up the litter box. Therefore, it is necessary to buy them a special box.
However, the most important thing is to clean the box regularly. I scoop the waste three times a day. Some of you probably say I do it too often, but I do it to keep the boxes clean.
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